CleanWat Water Purification Kit

CleanWat Water Treatment is Validated by Bangladesh Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (BRiCM)

The drinking water crisis is one of the biggest issues in Bangladesh. According to the WHO-Unicef Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) report, 68.3 million people in Bangladesh (41% of the population) don’t have access to safely managed drinking water. (Ref: The Daily Star)

People use different types of water filters or water treatment in a city or town to solve those issues. But most of those do not have any authentic proof or regulatory approval to prove that. On the other hand, rural or village people do not have enough resources to purify that water. In many cases, due to financial conditions, they are not able to occupy that Besides that, global warming affected the water crisis proportionally.

Considering all of those crucial conditions, Global Heavy Chemicals Limited introduced a new water purifier named CleanWat, which is manufactured by Crescent Chemicals Limited. The CleanWat water treatment process is also validated by the Bangladesh Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (BRICM). BRICM tested different sources of water all over Bangladesh and treated them with the CleanWat Water Purifier. There are different kinds of sources of water, like supply water, rivers, ponds, tubewells, etc. All the sources are clearly eligible for drinking and household purposes.

CleanWat Water Treatment is useful not only for city or urban areas but also for village or rural areas. This will create a new milestone to solve the issues of drinking water all over the country.

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