Cleanjet Toilet Cleaner

  • Dirt Extraction Formula – Removes all accumulated dirt and germs
  • CleanJet with a Powerful gel formulation stays inside the commode for a long time. So tough stains are completely cleaned
  • Destroys germs, and removes toilet odors
  • Works equally well on commodes and pans
  • Ensures hygienic toilets

Sunshine Dishwashing Liquid

Removes strong oil and grease stains easily. Required quantity is less. Dishes are protected for a long time. The special germ-killer formula protects against harmful germs. Keeps hands protected and soft.

Clotech Liquid Bleach

  • Removes harmful Chemicals from Vegetables 
  • Great disinfectant, kills Dengue Larvae
  • Removes Dark spots from kitchen’s wall & floor
  • Remove hard stains from white clothes
  • Cleans swimming pool, 
  • In- Dentistry Sector

Tuffclean Tiles Cleaner

  • Double Action Formula
  • Delivers tough spot relief and long-lasting protection
  • Removes all tough stains on tiles or floors instantly
  • Equally effective on any stubborn stain, including old rust

Clotech- B Stable Bleaching Powder

Strong disinfectant. Eliminates bad odor caused by dirt. Destroys dengue larvae. Destroys harmful viruses and bacteria. Helps remove blemishes.

Cleanwat Water Purifier

Removes all visible dirt and impurities from the water. Controls the pH of water. Makes water safe and healthy. No need for gas or electricity.

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